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From Desk to Vanity

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

I took my unused bedroom desk and turned into my new vanity!

Before: Tiny Closet Vanity & Bedroom Desk

Who it has taken me so much time to realize that I needed a suitable place to do and store my makeup. Ive been in a closet for awhile applying my makeup and get beautiful. Well finally im coming out of the closet, literally!

Oh how junky!

I used my desk a lot for work, as I work full time as a photographer. If im not at my studio i'm usually at this desk. It got really borig being stuck in our bedroom.

I recently had came to the decision to figure out another location for my vanity when I was stuck in the closet trying to do my make up and dropping stuff everywhere. And if you’re a Makeup lover like I am when you drop a pallet your whole world feels like it’s coming to an end. So after being frustrated I looked over at my junkie desk and thought what if I just turn this in to my new vanity. With that being said I still had to come up with a new location to create as my desk.My my husband tell works from home at least once a week but has a whole office downstairs I thought to myself I couldn’t dare take over his space but could I? After much convincing my husband agreed that I could use the office downstairs which was even better than my original area as he had a whole docking station for a laptop and two extra large monitors perfect for editing. So my mission begin create a space for make so my mission begin create a space for make up.SoI my mission begin create a space for make up. If you don’t my mission begin create a space for make up. If youSo my mission begin create a space for make up. I I am a very conscientious person with budget and keeping things cheap. So my first stop was over to dollar tree. As they have so many amazing little cosmetic holders for perfect for a vanity. They usually have so many more different sizes and shapes but I missed out and was only able to grab a few. I drove to every dollar tree in my area and couldn’t find the exact ones I was looking for but I may do with what I could find.

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